Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey Guys-
We have really exciting news to share! For the last several months we've been developing an addition to our catering business.  WE'RE GOING TO START BAKING CUPCAKES!!!! TA-DA!!!
You think it's easy to find a good cupcake in New York?  IT IS NOT!
I't's one of those basic comfort foods which appears easy to do but for some reason it's as difficult to find as a good chicken pot pie.
So... if any of you have an outstanding recipe for frosting from Granny's or Mom's secret stash pass it along.
We'll try and recreate it - you become the taste tester and we'll become rich- 
love forever 
Miha and Team

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey Guys- After anxiously waiting for a comment on my brilliant brain storming in February, I decided to give you another chance and write something.  Remember- it should be a dialogue, preferably not with myself ... 
Since last we spoke we've done a tremendous number of events, some of which were challenging and exciting and quite a few of them not so much...  but remember, repetition is the only way to reach perfection ( sounds cocky but so what- get your own blog or respond on mine).
Lauren, my right and left hand who is typing because I don't know how just gave me a long speech on how the blog should look... that I froze completely..... which does happen when you take me out of the environment where I am really good- which would be creating the menus, spending time in the kitchen and making  sure the events are how I think they should be.  Whenever I look around at what is happening with my colleagues, I must say that I am taken with how brilliant some of them are.  
It is heartening to see that more and more chef's are realizing that arrogance and ignorance don't equal creativity- that knowledge does.....